Hammer grinding attachment






Consists of 3-armed rotor and grooved stator / tool included

– Consists of a rotor with three hardened strike hammers and a grooved stator.

– During the grinding process, the sample is spun around the grinding chamber and struck until the desired particle size has been achieved.

– The ground sample passes through the sieve into the collection container.

– Particles that are larger than the sieve diameter remain in the mill and can be easily removed by opening the grinding chamber.


– Ideal for processing of dried, brittle and fat-free materials such as:
– Dried grains, oats, malt, pectin, raw and roasted coffee beans, dry beans, fish skeletons, nut shells, bones, pebbles, rock, amber, ceramics, etc.

Note about grinding attachments
– Wet samples or samples with high fat content gum up the sieve and chamber, producing a useless grinding result.

– For these types of samples Kinematica provides the POLYMIX® mixer and POLYTRON® homogenizers.

– They cover a broad range of samples.

Blade grinding or hammer grinding? You have the choice.
– If there are questions regarding the use of our mill for your application after speaking with a specialist, our application lab will be happy to run your sample and send the results for your inspection.


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