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Our company is a representative of renowned Swiss and German
In our offer, we have a wide range of laboratory equipment of top quality
that has applications in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food and chemical
industries as well as in science and research.
We offer perfect solutions for your production, pilot plants, laboratories,
hospitals and clinics:
– homogenizers
– disperses (hand and linear)
– laboratory mills
– laboratory mixers / blenders
– reactors (laboratory and instrustry)
– pilot plant
– magnetic stirrers (owerhead stirrers)
– mixers (vortexer, micro plate mixers, tube role)
– laboratory shakers (linear, orbital)
– laboratory centrifuges (mini, hemocrit, clinical)
– laboratory balances (basic, analitic, clinical)
– pippetes (single chanel , multichanel)
rotary evaporators
– measure of conductivity
– moisture analyzers (pH and cond)
– water baths
– laboratory incubators
– ultrasonic homogenizers
– ultrasonic water baths
–  steam sterilizers
– ozon generators
special machines (used in production in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic,
chemical and food industries)
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